TEODEX helps you to build your own secure, hybrid end-to-end encrypted network on your smartphone and on your computer

Strong military encryption without "back door" ensures that no one can listen, read or can steal any data.

  • With TEODEX the entire communication is hybrid end-to-end encrypted
  • TEODEX does not collect any data
  • IF security will be "merchandise"

    Many companies promise security with secure software solutions, such as encrypted telephony apps or end-to-end encrypted messenger apps.

    Unfortunately, this promise is not held to 95%. What is the advantage of an encryption software, if the telephone conversation as well as data are tapped before the encryption works on the smartphone.

    Telecom companies have maby a little or no interest, like smartphone manufacturers, to make your data exchange safe, their business plans are quite different, they are only interested in selling smartphones and conversation rates.

    With security software solutions that often runs into the empty, they will covered only a "need" in order to expand their own portfolio of products.

    This has very little to do with real security.

    TEODEX is different

    TEODEX Titanium OS

    our hardened Android operating system

    prior notice

    TEODEX Tactical Technologies TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    Completely signed

    TEODEX OS is completely signed, so an unsigned, modified update of an app, possibly with malicious code, can not be installed

    Hardened C-standard
    library and compiler toolchain

    Solves memory corruption and integer spills without curing


    The operating system is free for safety reasons of proprietary services

    Secure updates

    Secure updates "over the air" via W-LAN (no W-LAN possible to spy on)

    Google-Services and Apps

    TEODEX OS waives the integration of Google services and apps


    Unofficial PaX ports and an OpenBSD memory management module

    Hardened Android Kernel

    Improved ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization)

    Strict SE Linux rules

    Strict SE Linux rules have been implemented, which will, among other things, bring a stronger separation between apps and services

    Hardened network & firewall

    Enhanced firewall and improved network security, which include, among other things, optimization of the randomization of the MAC address


    Better protection against zero-day exploits

    The most secure operating system
    for your smartphone
    Let us advise you


    Networks connect securely with TEODEX

    What we do ?

    Lean back while we do what we do best, protect you from the dangers of the internet

    TEODEX products can also host on your own server

    TEODEX Crypto Messenger-System

    We provide you our Crypto Messenger (hybrid end-to-end encrypted) with your own branding on your own server

    TEODEX-phone call
    "Secure-Crypto-phone call"

    Secure-Call & Crypto Messenger (Android & iOS)
    Secure hybrid end-to-end encrypted phone calls with your smartphone over Internet

    TEODEX-video conferencing software

    We provide you our end-to-end encrypted video conferencing software, with up to 16 subscribers, also available for using on your server


    Send secure, encrypted E-mails (patented encryption method)

    TEODEX Server

    Your secure server place in Germany

    Android App development

    We will work with you to develop your own secure Android or iOS App


    We provide you our TEODEX hardened Android operating system (TEODEX OS Titanium) for using on your own Android Phone

    TEODEX App Checker

    TEODEX tests your Android App thoroughly under laboratory conditions, within a corresponding test environment

    TEODEX Voice Recorder App

    TEODEX Voice Recorder App as an upgrade to the TEODEX Crypto Messenger or as a standalone App

    Our products

    at a glance

    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX Crypto Messenger

    Website / Messenger (hybrid end-to-end encryption)
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX Crypto phone call & Messenger

    Website / Secure-Call & Messenger (Android & iOS)
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX - Video conferencing software

    Website / end-to-end encoded / video conferencing with up to 16 subscribers
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX - Mesh Network

    Website / Telephoning and data exchange without Sim card
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX OS Titanium

    Website / TEODEX hardened Android operating system
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX App Store

    Website / AppStore for tested apps without malware
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX Crypto Messenger - ON (with our own push service)

    TEODEX Tactical Technologies


    Website / TEODEXmail patented e-mail encryption
    TEODEX Tactical Technologies

    TEODEX DeltaKey

    Website / TEODEX DeltaKey hard- & software encrypted
    USB 2.0 memory stick

    About TEODEX ?

    TEODEX is an innovative German company in the area of ​​Internet security, specializing in mobile communication and their network security. Our market segments are the end-to-end business areas as well as the private hybrid encrypted communication systems like our patented E-mail encryption, TEODEXmail, also our Messenger, our encrypted Smartphone Phone secure calling App, TEODEX "Call" (Security Call App), our hard- and software-encrypted USB 2.0 memory stick, as well as our encrypted video conferencing software solution and our Voice recorder App. The pure focus of TEODEX is up highly secure IT security with its extensive portfolio of central but also decentralized network security, data security and security management solutions. Through our independent hybrid end-to-end encrypted, software-based space, TEODEX provides a unified security architecture for a wide range of security solutions to provide enterprise communications and resources for enterprise networks and applications, remote employees, branch offices, and partner extranets. We provide companies cryptically highly encrypted data security solutions to provide sensitive business information to mobile and devices but also on Servers and PC´s, to protect and to encrypt. This can be done with our software-based end-to-end encryption as well as our specially hardened Android operating system solution (TEODEX OS Titanium ) for Smartphone. All application solutions are also for self-hosting.

    TEODEX is different

    Innovation as well as the desire for the new and thus also times other ways to go, is the key to grow up and for better security in the Internet.

    Projects - Milestones - FAQ

    Current projects

  • Communication car to car (formation of emergency lanes on the highway)
  • About what is the project ?

  • Secure phone calls & data exchange without SIM card
  • What are the project objectives ?

  • Current problem:
    Provide reliable data encryption.
    A server who acts as a secure gateway to the Internet, ensuring security between the internal mesh network and the outside world
  • Who is the target group ?

  • Everybody
  • More information about the project on request

    About what is the project ?

  • hardened Android operating system
  • What are the project objectives ?

  • Hardened Android kernel, no pro-service, protected operating system
  • Who is the target group ?

  • Companies with the priority on tamper-proof communication
  • More information about the project on request
  • Car-to-X communication
  • Secure ad-hoc networking of vehicles
  • Secured GPS networking of vehicles
  • Secured GALILEO networking of vehicles
  • Mobile defense system against GPS jammer
  • Mobile defense system against GALILEO jammer
  • At hoc (Mobile AdHoc Network) encrypted data transmission over a distance greater than 10 meters (secure peer-to-peer network)
  • More information about the project on request
  • We design, program and market digital applications for you. Our applications are based on a uniform code and are so flexible in development and maintenance no matter whether for a terminal or more. (Contact us)
  • Hybride App
  • WEB App
  • Desktop App
  • Multi-Channel-App
  • Event App
  • Android / iOS App (clean app permissions / no data theft) (Look German Video)
  • TEODEX Voice Recorder App
    For integration into the TEODEX Messenger system but also as a "standalone app"
  • BETA

    Our History / Milestones


    Start the first encrypted communication between physician (doctors).

    Start of development of smartphone applications for Teleheath. Technology partnerships and cooperations with ophthalmologists and dentists who are also committed to the poorest.

    TEODEX OS and Partner Renault

    The hardened Android M2M operating system from TEODEX finds a partner with Renault

    TEODEX Mesh-Network

    TEODEX started his experiment network "Mesh". Phone calls and secure data transfer without any sim card.

    TEODEX is about to complete its hardened Android operating system TEODEX OS Titanium (TEODEX OS Titanium)

    TEODEX is committed to green sustainable food and food supplements (Teodex green)

    FAQ (Answer - questions)

    TEODEX encrypts hybrid end-to-end communication channels of hospitals, as well as the associated applications such like blood pressure monitors.
    A study from a German, renowned institute says, that the app downloads from the Google Store but also from the store of Apple are anything else as safe. 75% of all downloads, malware is downloaded along with, regardless of the generally often very untrustworthy permissions of applications.
    Here we could enumerate millions of reasons, but we remain with one. The protection of our private data is more important to us.
    Since 2012 TEODEX is supporting projects around the green, sustainable, Clean food from genetically-free seed through sowing, pesticide-free fertilization, The careful harvesting and further processing up to the passing on to the consumer. And this without labels and BIO certificates. The focus is on products like: Olive oil, Walnut kernel oil, Pomegranate kernel oil, Pomegranate powder, Honey, Spirulina ...
    We are looking for you and your product ... (Teodex green - Read More)

    Latest Blogs

    The "Bundestrojaner" and his risks to all of us

    This loophole (German Bundestrojaner), for example in an operating system or a browser, remains open even after the attack of the authorities as long as it is not found from an Anti-Trojan software - and this represents a gateway for other hackers. With the help of the German Trojan, the contents should, for example, be a short message before the encryption can be viewed and sent to the authorities. Somehow this sounds like Fake News. Short messages can be tapped before encrypting is already today possible without (German Bundestrojaner). But that a new gate is opened by a (German Bundestrojaner) for every hacker is new and actually the opposite of save.

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